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Tuesday, October 02 2018

I'm sure you've noticed that I basically took the Summer off as far as writing any blogs.

I have been focusing on working with my clients and doing home improvement in my own home. I am working on upgrading some features in my home, including new lighting fixtures throughout, renovating my powder room, window treatments, landscaping, painting, flooring and carpeting to name a few. It's a year long project I decided to take on and hope to complete by year's end.

During this process I have needed to locate and hire professional service providers in order to get some of these improvements completed. It has been a long, tedious and, sometimes, frustrating process.

It took considerable research, trips to various stores and coordination of appointments. I am not done, but my experience has made me realize how important it is to find good, reliable people and companies to work with.

On numerous occasions, I attempted to hire certain individuals and companies based on recommendations but they quickly fell short of my expectations.

I called a painter about a month ago, leaving several messages and never heard back from him. I contacted a carpet installer to set up an appointment to bring samples to my home and take measurements based upon the recommendation of my previous carpet installer who has since retired. He cancelled last minute and did not call me back to reschedule when he said he would.

You can understand my frustration.

I began thinking about how I run my business and what my clients and potential clients expect from me.

I have been a professional organizer for over 14 years and, from the beginning, I always made it a point to do the following:

1. Make sure that I can be easily found on the internet. (Most of my clients have found me via Google.) 

2. Provide clear and concise information about my services, my experience and background relating to professional organizing. (Have you taken the time to look at my website. It's very comprehensive.)

3. Make it easy and convenient for potential clients and existing clients to contact me. (I am available by phone seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and provide several avenues on the internet to contact me.)

4. Promptly return calls. (If I am not available, I return calls as soon as possible and within 24 hours at the latest. If I am away on vacation, my answering service provides you with that information so you know when to expect a return call.)

5. Schedule appointments to meet my clients' needs. (I do my best to make myself available during the week and, if need be, on weekends, for your convenience.)

6. Respond to inquiries so that potential clients get the answers they need as quickly as possible to determine whether they wish to work with me. (I personally respond to each and every inquiry promptly.)

7. Spend time making sure that my clients understand the process of decluttering and organizing. (I want my clients to feel comfortable with the process and know what to expect.)

8. Provide a clear and easy-to-understand written Agreement prior to starting any project so my clients know the terms and condition of our working relationship. (I review the Agreement, line by line, in person, with each and every client.)  

9. Listen. (I listen and do not judge. I rely on my clients to provide me with information about their situation and what they wish to achieve. My goals are solution-based.)

10. Provide solutions. (This is not a cookie-cutter process. It is personalized to meet each of my clients' specific needs.)

Because of my work ethic, I expect the same from the service providers I look to hire. 

If you are considering hiring a professional organizer, l invite you to reach out by phone or by email and speak to me about your particular sitation. I promise to live up to the standards I listed about when working with you to create A Better Space. 

I will provide you with the same standard of service that I expect from others. 

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