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A BETTER SPACE - Professional Organizing, Bucks County, PA
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I was looking for someone to work with me who could help me eliminate my embarrassing clutter in my living room, bedroom and kitchen.   Living with the clutter was creating so much stress.   I learned about A BETTER SPACE and found a new best friend.   Audrey, my professional organizer, helped me to feel comfortable right from the beginning and worked with me to create an organized, warm, and functional space.   With every session, I felt a greater sense of accomplishment.   I was so thrilled with the end result.
Years later, I feel that Audrey has the experience and skill to work on any project in a residential setting. Her experience is complimented by her public speaking engagements and written materials which I have followed since she began writing and speaking in 2008. She understands her field and continues to grow her business with passion. You can't go wrong working with Audrey :)"
Steve C.
Philadelphia, PA

Dear Audrey,
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed working with you. I was a little nervous that a “Professional Organizer” was going to come in and tell me the right way to do things. I was afraid that I would be pushed into a system that I wouldn’t really be able to work with.

You weren’t like that at all. You were very open minded and flexible. You spent a lot of time with me to find out how I work and what I really wanted to do with my space.
My craft room had become such a disaster area and storage catchall. I really wanted to get back to working on projects but that room was so overwhelming. I feel so good in that room now. It’s a nice place to be and I’ve rediscovered my crafting enthusiasm.

It was such a pleasure to meet you. I hope that we can work together again someday.

Much thanks.

Ruth S.
Warrington, PA

Hi Audrey!

Just wanted you to know that I do appreciate all your energy and effort, and I like the systems you have put into place for us. You do a great job and I would recommend you to anyone.


Bert R.
Bala Cynwyd, PA  

Audrey, thanks for everything. My house feels so much better!

Carrie B.
Philadelphia, PA 

Audrey -

Before you came in, we had little idea about how to stage our house for a sale.  Even though we thought our house was quite presentable, your keen sense of decor brought about several positive accentuations to arrangement and presentation of the house.  With your professional help, we were able to create a crisp and sophisticated look to the ambience of the house, which paid off when ours was the first house which was sold from the other 7 houses on sale in our immediate neighborhood.

There was hardly anyone who came by and did not appreciate how beautiful our home is and how organized it looks despite a two and five year old in the house.  I would certainly recommend using your expertise to anyone who wants to get organized or sell a home.  I think it is well worth it.  Thank you.

Blue Bell, PA

Audrey -

I am so happy with the results of my bedroom closet.  Thanks for your assistance.

Holland, PA


Audrey from A BETTER SPACE went beyond my expectations in formulating a plan to make my husband's workshop efficient and functional in addition to organized. She not only provided good suggestions but, at the same time, I was given the freedom to apply my own opinions and choices. I felt that Audrey really listened to what I was looking for and, therefore, the workshop for my husband was created to meet our specific needs. I feel that the methods of organization that were implemented will be easily maintained, and, more importantly, so does my husband. I liked working with Audrey because she made me feel that any budget limitations I might have had were being respected. I would absolutely recommend A BETTER SPACE to someone else who might want or need this type of service.

J. Brown
Yardley, PA

[received after just one session!]
Audrey -
I found the initial consultation very important for idea generating and material gathering. I learned a lot from the methods suggested. I felt that the sessions themselves were good in length and your shopping service was great for me. I also loved the service you provided where you took care of donating the cleaned out items for me. As far as the methods implemented, they are still perfect, especially the playroom. Clean up still works well. The home office is very manageable now and still nice and neat looking.
I would absolutely recommend you to anyone who has an organizing project to tackle. Thanks for everything and will look forward to working with you again in the future on other projects.
Kelly B.
Villanova, PA

[after one session]
 I am in my mid-70's and have been struggling for a long time to try to get my large collection of photographs together.  I am also on the Board of an organization which requires me to keep large piles of paperwork organized and this has been a struggle for me, as well.  I was working to get these and other areas of my life organized for quite some time but always found I was just running in circles and getting no where.  I knew I needed help. 

After searching the internet, I found Audrey from A BETTER SPACE.  When I took that first step and contacted Audrey by phone, I immediately felt comfortable with her.  She took time to talk with me about my organizing problems.  I felt that she truly understood my frustration and was eager and qualified to help.

She came to my home and we met one-on-one.  Before beginning the project, Audrey felt it was important to take a look at my home, evaluate my situation and get to know me better.   Meeting in person before starting the project made me feel even more comfortable with her and felt it was very beneficial.  She is a warm, caring and knowledgeable person and I felt confident she could help me with the task at hand.  We scheduled our first session.

I am still amazed at how much we were able to accomplish in just one session!  She  kept me on task for the entire session and we got so much done.   I realized that before I began working with Audrey, I had been jumping from one thing to another and not really getting anywhere.      

Not only did she work hands on with me to organize my projects, but taught me so much about how to break down these large projects into manageable pieces.  She transformed my way of thinking and looking at things in just that one session! 

I am anxious for our next session where I know Audrey will show me even more about how to reach my goals.

I would recommend Audrey and A BETTER SPACE to anyone who is frustrated and ready to get organized once and for all.   This experience is life changing.  I now have the confidence in knowing that the clutter in my home and in my head will disappear and will not return thanks to Audrey. 

Judy C.
Philadelphia, PA   

I want to share with you my positive experience with Audrey from A BETTER SPACE.
I must admit that, at first, I was hesitant to start the project with the master bedroom.  I thought other rooms in the house were more important.  Believe Audrey when she says how important it is to organize this room and create a calm and relaxing haven to go to at the end of a hectic day.  I feel that sense of calm now as soon as I enter the room.  I can retreat to my room and leave the rest of the day behind.  The systems Audrey put into place have remained organized, not like the other systems I had before which did not last. 
In my home office, Audrey created customized systems for me.  This has helped me tremendously as I start my home-based business.  Her systems keep my personal and business paperwork separate so I can easily find what I need.  Before, I was stressed in my home office.  Now, I am able to be productive and get started with my projects right away.  I am thrilled that I can now work more efficiently on my business and have learned how to devote a designated portion of my day to it with the help of some time management training Audrey provided.  I have found that the systems Audrey put into place in the office are easy to maintain and greatly help me to get things done more efficiently.
Audrey also put an organization system into my daughter's room and rearranged some of the furniture.  My daughter was ecstatic to see her room transformed.  It has a whole new look!  My daughter has kept her room clean and clutter-free for nearly a month now!
Thanks Audrey!
Jill K.
Doylestown, PA
I'm so THANKFUL for your work and direction on starting to get my house in order - you've done an amazing job!  You have helped me think differently about my "stuff" too, making it easier to let go.  I just can't wait til it's done!!!! Thank you.
Kathy F.
Hulmeville, PA
For me, organized means you can reach into a closet in the middle of the night with your eyes closed and get exactly what you want with the first grab.  Thank you Audrey!
Penny D.
Swarthmore, PA
I met Audrey at a women’s networking event. I had been having memory problems - missing deadlines and forgetting to finish projects at work and at home. I knew that I had to do something but was not quite sure what.
After my very first session with Audrey, I had a customized system set up in my corporate office that could be duplicated throughout the rest of the company to other sales people. I now have a system in place where I know where things are and where they belong. Audrey also developed a customized reminder system for me which is in place and really works!
As a result of working with Audrey, I am more productive and no longer wasting time looking through piles of paper to find what I need. Her systems really work. Most importantly, I feel at peace.
An additional benefit came when I worked with Audrey in my home office. We were able to find items that probably accounted for at least the value of one session . We found lost gift certificates, checks, etc.
Doylestown, PA
[After hearing Audrey speak on the topic of Time Management Tools for Women Entrepreneurs]
Recently, I attended a networking event where Audrey was one of the featured speakers.  Her topic was "Time Management Tools for Women Entrepreneurs".  One of the things she talked about was creating time for yourself ,i.e,  "me time". 
Audrey suggested taking a step back and not controlling everything; delegate tasks so you can focus on what you do best and let your assistants help you with the rest.  So, the next day, that is exactly what I did!  I hired one of my advisors on my team for just three hours a week to complete those tasks I do not want to take time to do so I can focus on what I am destined to do and what I enjoy doing in order to gain not only some "me time" but be more profitable!
I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about what Audrey has to offer.  In just a short time, I learned so much!  Thank you, Audrey.
Kristin R.
E. Norriton, PA
Audrey -
I need to tell you about Penny's visit to Georgia and the effects you have had on her ability to organize.  She has become a professional organizer in my opinion!!!  My home has never been more organized.  She took control of my space, which even as an Alfa male, I welcomed it greatly.  I just had to tell you what your student has learned.  I write this with a big smile.
Perry H.
Atlanta, Georgia
Audrey -
Want to thank you for helping me organize my spousal support records.  He's paying more now!
Chalfont, PA
Audrey -
I just want to thank you for the suggestion for  I have been using it and it is great.  You are awesome!
Bev E.
Royersford, PA
Wanted to let you know that I thought the organizational process was great!  I received so many good ideas for organizing my home.  I really liked that we were able to use a lot of the items I already had in the home instead of having to purchase additional product to complete the project.  I felt that Audrey listened to me and, as a result, she created a kitchen that met my needs and expectations.  I found that the methods of organization that were implemented are so easy to maintain - better than expected!  I would recommend A Better Space to anyone else who might want or need this type of service.
Colleen S.
Yardley, PA
Hi Audrey ..... I have had the busiest week of my life .... our 4 hours seems to have been the only calm time of my week! I am so thankful that I have started this very difficult and overwhelming process with your help. It's not that I do not KNOW what to do .... it is that I cannot DO it!!! Your presence and ability to keep me on task, and remind me of the priority of our task of the moment was helpful beyond words. Even though this was just our first meeting, I felt relieved after we finished. Finally something I really really wanted to do for so long is getting done. Thank you for being so understanding and helpful. I look forward to continuing this process.
Shannon R.
Chalfont, PA
When I met Audrey, my office was a mess.  There was a mountain of paperwork and I had no idea where to start organizing everything.  I was completely overwhelmed.
Audrey met with me to help me decide on what kind of space and systems I needed and then helped me to create it.
Together, we sorted through the paper, office supplies and my business materials, decided on how to best organize them and then put them in their new homes.  Audrey not only helped me come up with a game plan, but was also hands on with implementing it.
She made an overwhelming task easy to handle.  I now have an organized and functional home office and my business has really grown because of it.
Jennifer H.
Horsham, PA
Audrey, You are amazing at what you do. You put your heart and your soul into your work.
Sherry S.
Warrington, PA
Besides working one on one with you, I receive your free monthly newsletter.  I look forward to it every month.  I feel that your articles and tips are directed right to me, just as if you are there with me in person.  Keep that great content coming.  It's a great supplement to the work we do together.
Rhonda F.
Abington, PA

Hi Audrey,
Thanks so much for helping me create my beautiful office! I'm so glad that you stayed firm in
setting the office up today.  It makes a huge difference!  I actually want to come downstairs
to work in my new space!
Thanks again!  You're awesome!
Organized Hugs,
Willow Grove, PA
Dear Audrey,
Thank you so much for all your help so far.  I have learned so much from you that I am now inspired to organize my closet downstairs myself and feel confident about doing so!
I spent time doing my filing last Sunday. It is easy now with the systems you taught me and so rewarding to be able to find things when looking for them!
Thank you for encouraging me to be more organized. I am excited about working with you again. Being organized helps me live a better life. I truly believe that now.
Michelle L.
Holland, PA
You provide such a needed service. When I started my "organizing journey" a few years ago, before we met, I was always disastrously unorganized and thought it was a waste of time.
Now I realize that being organized helps provide me with more time, money and energy to do the things I want. :)"
Jennifer R.
Thanks Audrey!  I feel great about all that was accomplished today.   
I thought you’d appreciate this: this evening my 12 year old son  was about to get in the shower.  He went into my closet to throw something in the hamper and came running out, yelled downstairs to me, “What happened to your closet!!!”  Then,  my 9 year old ran up to take a look and then came downstairs to tell me, “your dressing room looks great!”  Funny, he (or I) has never called it a “dressing room” before! Anyway, thanks for a great session.  See you on Monday.
The kids and [my husband] were BLOWN AWAY by the bedroom!  My 9 year old son  said to me, “how much do you PAY Miss Audrey?” I simply replied, "she is worth every penny".  Then he turned to me and said, “well, can you give her a dollar from me?” HILARIOUS!!!! The older one, 12 years old, kept repeating: What did you do with our Bedroom!” They were both so happy and even my 13 year old who has his own room was wanting to hang out up there.  Thanks for your great work.
 "I can't even tell you how awesome it is to have a functional office! Thanks Audrey! The kids would agree...YOU ROCK!!! :-)"
Nancy P. - Lansdale, PA
The day we found the website for A Better Space was one of the luckiest days we ever had.  Audrey not only has tremendous skills in organizing but she is inspirational in convincing her clients that anything is possible.  My sister and I were overwhelmed with the task of putting our house in order - Audrey saw only the potential and the success of our mission; never a down side.
Run, don't walk, to get in touch with Audrey if you need help organizing your home.  You will never regret a moment of the time and money you invest in A Better Space.
Ann K. - Levittown, PA
[Following a presentation on April 28, 2011]
Audrey, I just wanted to send a note to say thank you so very much for sharing yourself and your business with Sisters U.  I adore who you are.  Your strength and survivor spirit is beyond amazing to me.  You inspired me so much.  We received so much positive feedback to your presentation, and so many of the women felt such a personal connection with you.  Thanks again.
Karen Chellew - Sisters U, Perkasie, PA
July 28, 2011
Audrey, I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my home now.  It is much more relaxing.  You helped me create a peaceful place.  There is a place for everything and it is easy to keep things organized.
I was a little nervous when we first started working together.  I wasn't sure about someone having opinions on items that were important to me but I knew I needed to organize and downsize. 
You really listened to me and helped me donate things I really didn't need.  Now I have a much more manageable home.  I enjoy entertaining more. 
You were such a help and I enjoyed the time we spent working together.  I thank you for helping me in such a caring and professional way.  It was such a pleasure to meet you.
Many thanks,
Karen A., Newtown, PA
September 28, 2011    [in preparation for a workshop involving 6 separate speakers]
 "You're awesome to work with! Because of your combination of creativity and organizational expertise, you get things done and I feel supercharged after talking to you!"
Svetlana Gradess, Willow Grove, PA
 "I have done seminars with Audrey and have sat in on a few of her presentations. Audrey captures the audience with her quick wit and is so genuine. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to organizing, time management and paper management. She is very detailed oriented and absolutely loves what she does.. Her passion just exudes out to her audience. If you are looking for speaker/organizer, I highly recommend Audrey."
Sherry Shoemaker CPCC, ACC
Voice of Assurance Life Coaching
November 26, 2011
"I had been considering calling a professional organizer for some time.  When I finally decided to make the commitment and call, I searched online for a professional organizer.  A list of several organizers, in my general area, came up and after reading Audrey's bio, I decided to give her a call; she was the only one I called. 
Her ability was more clear after talking to her on the phone.  Deciding to work with Audrey was a great decision.  She was easy to work with and we got my small space under control sooner than I thought.  We worked very efficiently together.
Audrey is very much a professional.  I am confident in recommending her to anyone seeking to get organized.  Getting and staying organized not only creates "a better space", but it improves your life in many ways."
Andrew Strouse, Ambler, PA

 January 27, 2012
"From chaos and clutter to a much more manageable home and life!  I spent so much time looking for keys, papers and other items.  What craziness!  Now I have specific places for things and have developed good habits for  maintaining our home.  A Better Space has led me to a better life! 
I was bogged down. Always cleaning up yesterday's (and last week's) mess!  I so felt like I was always living in the past.  Now I follow my routines and put things back.  I am beginning to live in the present.  More time to do things that my family and I like to do.  And life is manageable!  What a better place to be!
I realized that creating "a better space" requires commitment and that it is an ongoing process.  I was tired and burnt out from trying organizing techniques; reading books on the topic; and listening to my mother's (well-intended) suggestions.  I needed an expert to understand and help identify my family's lifestyle and needs and build from there.  This is not a "cookie cutter" approach, rather, it is based on individual needs...One of the best investments I've made."
Jayne M. - Lambertville, NJ
February 4, 2012
Audrey clearly loves to organize!  She gets excited when she sees cluttered areas because she knows she can help you.  She gives simple suggestions that family members can buy into.  My teen especially liked her incentive program and Mom and Dad liked being able to walk into her room again, any time and all the time, because nothing goes on the floor now!
Marie H. - Willow Grove, PA
February 13, 2012
If you ever felt overwhelmed and chaotic in your home, Audrey from A Better Space brings the home to where peace and organization need to be.  My master bedroom closet was a tornado zone but after meeting with Audrey, she created a new closet design for me that fits my needs and wardrobe.  She provided options for installation and I am so pleased with the outcome.  Now I can actually stand in my closet and see everything!  My entire bedroom has become a place of comfort and joy.  The guest bedroom/home office is finally  a room that is functional.   Audrey taught me how to do online bill paying which has saved me time and money and is an easy way to watch my budget.   I would recommend A BETTER SPACE to anyone who wants or needs this type of service.  
Anne H. -  Holland, PA
Nancy Ann wrote: "Audrey Cohen Kottler Cupo from A Better Space - professional home organizing is a small business owner that inspires me. She has built a thriving Professional Organizing business and is changing people's lives!  I first met Audrey at an organizing workshop she presented. From there, I decided to hire Audrey to work on several projects throughout our home. Audrey was professional, efficient and has the keen ability to provide creative solutions to every situation. I highly recommend Audrey for all of your professional organizing needs.  The investment in her services is more than worth it!"
 May 1, 2012   [following a 1 hour webinar presented to Adults with ADD] 
Very, very informative.  Audrey, you had my attention the whole time!  You gave great organizing tips for those with or without ADD.  Thanks so much for suggesting this webinar to our group! :)
Rose - The 40+ Single Women's Weekend Meetup Group
May 10, 2012 -  I received your thank you note and it is really ME that should be thanking YOU!  You did a great presentation and it was one of the largest audiences that we have had in a long time.  I would love to have you back anytime!
Kathy Engle - ADD Resources
June 10, 2012
Dear Audrey,
Thank you  so much for your "" Webinar "Getting Organized the ADD-Friendly Way." As an adult woman with ADD, I've struggled for many years with clutter. "CHAOS", "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome" describes my home.
You gave a very generous hour of great ideas and tips that spoke directly to my weaknesses and needs. I could tell that you really understand ADD challenges very well, because you explained the points and the way to carry them out in a way that I could understand and implement. One tip that I've put to use is to utilize a kitchen timer to help limit the time I spend on certain tasks.
Then I found my way over to your website! It's a great resource. I really like the "U Can Do It checklists."
I was so impressed with the Webinar that I sent you an email to thank you and was surprised and very pleased that you called me the very next morning!
I had mentioned that I live in a small town and have been unable to find an ADD Coach or Professional Organizer locally. You explained how you can work with me over the phone. I feel very comfortable with you after our talk and hope to work with you soon.
Karen from Virginia 
July 16, 2012
Audrey is truly the most knowledgeable, passionate, dedicated professional in her field. I have witnessed both her work ethic and ability to communicate one on one with clients, and in large groups; her interpersonal/public speaking skills are outstanding. I would highly recommend Audrey, an investment well worth every penny.

Scarlett G.
Horsham, PA
August 23, 2012
I love your tips Audrey because they are so simple to put into place.
Gina Toth Becker
Hatboro, PA
October 18, 2012
Thank you for your follow-up phone call after our final session to see how I am doing.  I am doing well. I appreciate your help and motivation. My desk is staying organized! My filing is wonderful and I am doing well with all of that because of the great tips from you.
Penny H.
Wrightstown, PA
February 5, 2013
Thanks to Audrey from A Better Space, tax time is much simpler this year. The paper management system she helped me set up for my family and for my business has changed the way I approach tax season. There's very little stress this year because everything I need is already gathered and in it's proper place. I still need to tweak things here and there so I expect next year will be even better! Thanks Audrey!
Nancy P.
Lansdale, PA
February 14, 2013
Audrey helped me alot today! She helped me define roles for my business. I was really lost and disorganized and she broke things down step by step.She also helped teach me how to organize my time better and always made me understand that I don't have to do everything at once.
I also suffer with ADHD so it was hard to focus for 4 hours. She did a great job though keeping me focused every time I found myself going off in a rant! I HIGHLY recommend Audrey! She is wonderful, and helpful and kind but keeps me focused. Anyone would be lucky to have her!
Dani F.
Dresher, PA
March 9, 2013
Audrey, You imparted so many meaningful tips and ideas today at your seminar. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. As soon as I got home, I heard your words: don't let the dishes pile up, lol ... so I used a paper plate so as not to make a mess, funny! Anyway, my task is to go thru my clothes closet and challenge the one who says: "Oh, you'll lose 5 lbs and fit into that again .... ." I'm inspired, thanks again. 
April 10, 2013
Our time together has re-focused my energies. Lots and lots keeps going out of the house. But blessings are coming in! Thank you!
Rhonda H. - Carversville, PA
June 10, 2013
"From the moment I first met Audrey and learned about her life and career I was sparked to make the effort to help organize my life!
Most folks are looking to de-clutter, but what I struggle most with was the balance between my life, career, marriage , parenting and taking care of myself. A daunting task that has overwhelmed me for a long time.
It was great working with Audrey who helped me take on items and areas of my life in very manageable blocks of tasks/homework. Through my sessions I could more truthfully see what habits I had built that caused these stress patterns. Imagine I am almost 50 years old but I still needed to learn how to delegate chores with my family, and create boundaries around my clients to insure that there is a balance and calmness that actually allowed me to be more productive.
With every session that I often would have some of the self doubts creep in (I can do this by myself!) - I found the sessions to be fun, therapeutic and worthwhile in so many ways.
I would highly recommend Audrey's services to working moms and at home moms to help find the peace and productivity they are seeking."

Beth, Furlong, PA
August 8, 2013
"I’ve had several major changes in my life within one year and now I just added another one ~ decision to move out of a single home into a condo.
After many years in my home, like most people, I accumulated much more than was necessary. Now I was faced with what to get rid of ~ in fact the need to reduce my “stuff” by 50%. I was literally walking around in circles every time I tried to start the moving process.  This was getting me down. Then my daughter went on line and found my little “angel” named Audrey.
When Audrey appeared on my doorstep I was feeling blue after many attempts but with her infectious smile and positive attitude after our first meeting, I felt energized.
Audrey and I worked so well together as a team and 6 sessions later my house was now ready to sell.
Thanks to Audrey’s wonderful organizational skills, my home sold in less than one week ~ yes, this is not a typo error. I literally contracted with a realtor on Friday and the next Friday I was signing an Agreement of Sale.
I would still be walking in circles if it wasn’t for Audrey.  I could not have sold my home without her. Her services are invaluable and she is so easy to work with. Her bubbly personality was a perfect fit!
I highly recommend you call Audrey today if you are looking to get organized.
Clare K.
Warminster, PA
August 9, 2013
Thanks again for your help, Audrey.  I couldn't have had a vision for what could be done and wouldn't have had the staying power to actually finish the task if you hadn't kept things on track.
Best regards,
Peggy Jo - Wayne, PA
September 5, 2013
Audrey -
I had so much fun working with you and I learned a great deal about organization. One thing that I find much easier to do is to throw away or give away stuff!
Marilyn M. - Lafayette Hill, PA
November 8, 2013
Audrey -
It turned out that there was a lot more than just closets or cabinets that had to be re-organized.  If I had not hired you in the first place, most likely the things we did probably wouldn't have happened at all.
You were a very big help in motiving me to make the necessary changes. Now my condo looks and feels more like a home. I believe I am now ready to do some paperwork organizing.  Again, you opened me up to making these changes.  Without your motivation, I would have never done anything at all.
Whenever I need your help again for other organizing, I will gladly contact you.
Scott H. - Plymouth Meeting, PA
November 19, 2013
Great job Audrey!  Working with you enabled me to see the situation through another person's eyes and learn the best way to approach my situation.  You helped me focus and used our time together judiciously.  You definitely got me unstuck and gave me tools I can use elsewhere in my home.  I especially liked the "take it away" service you provide so that at the end of the session, the stuff is gone!
Pamela B. - Lumberville, PA
 March 3, 2014 
"Working with Audrey and A Better Space was wonderful!  For the first time ever, all of my clothing, shoes, handbags and jewelry are completely organized in such a way that I have access to everything; I can see what I have and take stock when I need to add something.  Because of the way that it’s organized, it’s very easy for me to maintain; I want to keep things as they are now, and it’s not difficult or overwhelming for me to do so.  If I add new piece of clothing, I get rid of something that I no longer wear, instead of just adding to the “pile”.
Additionally, I love my well organized closets so much, I’ve been inspired to organize other areas of the house. Audrey was able to help me see a new way of organizing so that I can use what I have and get rid of what I don’t need or use.
Finally, Audrey is a delight to work with.  She has a positive, can-do attitude, digs right in and never makes you feel like you’re being judged.  She patiently listened to all my stories, put up with my nosy little dog, and worked at my pace.  Because we worked on all of the organizational solutions together, I am fully confident that I will be able to maintain what we’ve done.
I have no hesitation in recommending Audrey to anyone who needs to organize and make a change for life!"
Joy D.
Chalfont, PA
April 1, 2014
Dear Audrey, 
Your kind, non-judgmental guidance and motivation in getting rid of excess clothes in our house and creating storage space for my clothes has had a HUGE impact on our everyday lives, especially mine!  In the past, I would have to rummage through a huge pile of dirty laundry (a.k.a. Mt. Kimberly) to find something...anything.. to wear, then wash and dry the outfit on the day of the event. And, often, I could not find matching shoes or socks!  Talk about stress! 
Since I've worked with you, our laundry flow is much better. I always have clean clothes and can choose
an outfit and shoes from my orderly closet. Having only clothes that work in my wardrobe makes getting 
ready for any event so much easier! We all appreciate the open space in our bedrooms now that some
of the clutter is gone!
Thank you so much for getting me started on the path to a happier, less-cluttered life. The longest journey 
begins with a single step. For me, that step was calling you. I look forward to working with you again
in the future, Audrey!
Kim M.
Maple Glen, PA
P.S. My favorite finds among the clutter were photographs of my boys when they were young and 
a set of car keys that had been missing for years!!
May 6, 2014
Audrey -
I had to write and tell you who pleased I am with my experience working with you.  
It began with the initial consultation where you provided me with a clear idea of how
the organizing process would work.  I felt comfortable with the ideas and suggestions you provided.  
You answered all of my questions to my satisfaction.  I received ideas for organizing my home
that had never occurred to me before.  You created areas in my home that meet my needs and feel that
you really listened to me to create a proper home for things.  It is now easy to put things back where
they belong.  
Overall, I was very pleased with the process and am very much pleased with the outcome.   
I would not hesitate to recommend A BETTER SPACE to someone who might want or need this type
of service.
Susan W.
Yardley, PA 
September 22, 2014
Audrey -
You helped our family transform the finished basement, storage area and garage in our home. Those rooms went from areas that were unusable to areas where we enjoy being. My in-laws loved their new "apartment" during their recent visit and we would never have had the room done in time without your expert guidance. Thanks!
Cristina G.
King of Prussia, PA
October 27, 2014
For years, I've been thinking about organizing my apartment and letting go of things that no longer serve me.  It was always an overwhelming idea and I didn't know where to start, especially since I've lived here for 12 years and have accumulated a lot of stuff.
Recently, a major life crisis created an opportunity and incentive for me to transform my life, beginning with my living space.  I decided to contact Audrey Cupo of A Better Space.  I knew of her for some time and avidly read her posts 
on Facebook, which always provide great tips.  I explained what I wanted to accomplish, and she listened attentively. 
Audrey is very professional, beginning with her explanation of how she works with you and what to expect.  She also is very compassionate, and understands that it can be difficult to part with objects of sentimental value. During our initial consultation, she gave me the benefit of her "fresh eyes"and saw all kinds of potential for my apartment.  Right from the start, she provided me with a variety of valuable ideas and suggestions. 
I knew full well that between my apartment and my office, which is separate from my home, there would
be plenty to do.  Audrey gave me some assignments to start doing before our first session, which helped me focus and begin to take action.
Today, we had a wonderful first session, in which she helped me to dramatically clean out my coat closet and bookshelves  -- no small feat!  During this process, I discovered some things I'd been looking for! Audrey gently explained why it was worthwhile to donate or throw out various items.  On the other hand, she also worked with me when I simply didn't want to let go of certain things in a way that was very comfortable.  Audrey pitched right in and she worked with me to accomplish the tasks at hand.  She even helped me carry bags and boxes out to my car for donation or trash, since I've had problems with my back.  She also follows up on things she wants to research for me, which I really appreciate.  I am able to keep the process going in between sessions with her homework assignments.  
Audrey has given me  tremendous motivation and confidence that I can really do this. I can't wait for our next session!
Donna G.
Bensalem, PA
(After numerous sessions, Donna sent me another message): "Congratulations on winning the 2015 BESTOF BUCKS HAPPENING AWARD. You've had a huge, wonderful impact on my life with your organizing talents and wisdom. I rave about you to everyone!"
February 26, 2015
I cannot tell you how excited I am to start our sessions. Our consultation alone provided much needed motivation and hope!!!! You have no idea. I've been talking about you all day.  Here's to A Better Space!!!!! 
S. Thomas
Levittown, PA
March 23, 2015
Audrey Cupo worked her organizing magic on my office today! Just as she taught me and helped me turn my home into a more serene, uncluttered haven, so she is doing that for my office. We moved furniture around and created more breathing space. She inspired me to spend three more hours on my own, sorting through papers and eliminating that which no longer serves me (as we say in Five Element Acupuncture). Yay, Audrey!
Donna Greenberg
Donna Greenberg Traditional Acupuncture
Hartsville, PA
April 2, 2015 
Congratulations on winning the 2015 Best of Bucks Happening award. I am so excited for you!  It's nice to know I work with the best.
Newtown, PA 
April 28, 2015
I find it very difficult to trust a stranger into my home to help with an organizing project.  But I was comfortable taking that step with Audrey because of the years I had been receiving her informative email messages.
Audrey exceeded even my high expectations. Audrey understood how to put systems in place so that my cluttered office could function again fully. There was so much paper! Audrey gave me a system to work through the paper, so that now there is a flow and an endpoint. 
My office now is set up for proper budgeting, bill paying, reading, filing, and storing a few supplies.
I am finding that Audrey's systems seem natural to me, and I am maintaining the organization.  I enjoy being in my office now!
I was surprised to find that once the systems were in place, my life opened up to finally starting three projects I had mulled around for years: a professional research project, a business, and a writing project.
Audrey is not your average organizer. Audrey is professional, very well equipped with systems that work, and extremely knowledgeable about all topics related to organizing. Her awards are well deserved.
In addition, Audrey is pleasant to work with and interesting to converse with, making the project fun.  Audrey can chat as easily about weekend plans as she can about business strategy. By the end of the first session, you will know you have found a good friend.
I can recommend Audrey's service with complete confidence, and am planning to engage Audrey's help in my next projects.
Maggie Carroll
Lansdale, PA
July 29, 2015
I was very happy with the initial consultaiton, length of sessions, session accomplishments and product recommendations provided by Audrey Cupo of A BETTER SPACE.  
At the initial consultation, I was provided with a general but clear idea of how the organizing process would work and felt comfortable with the ideas and suggestions provided.  I was provided with an opportunity to ask questions and was satisfied with the answers I received.  I received good ideas for organizing my home during the organizational process and very much appreciated the various product recommendations that were made in order to complete the project.  
I felt that Audrey listened and that my specific needs and expectations were met.  The methods of organization Audrey provided are easy for me to maintain.  
Audrey was efficient and easy to work with.  She helped me to stay focused and motivated throughout the entire project.  
Overall, I am pleased with the process and the outcome of my experience and would recommend A BETTER SPACE to anyone who might want or need this type of service.  
Briar Mewbourne
Point Pleasant, PA
December 8. 2015
Dear Audrey,
Thank you for your compassion and honesty in helping me make progress in organizing and setting up my home.  I appreciate your direction and nonjudgemental attitude.
Thank you,
Eileen Melcher
Willow Grove, PA
March 20, 2016
My personal experience with Audrey started when I realized that my  busy family needed help with our disorganized home.  
I feel so lucky to have found Audrey through her website, and so grateful that she came out to our home so quickly for our first meeting and assessment.  We are two busy working parents and have two school age children.
We started out by walking through our home with Audrey and dumping all of our most stressful and disorganized areas on her! It was not a problem. She immediately identified areas for improvement that we could (and did) easily implement during our assessment. She took notes and followed up with emails that helped us remember all the steps we needed to take.  Most improvements required only inexpensive products that we could find at local stores. 
Within three sessions with Audrey, we have covered almost all areas of our home.  Each area that we’ve done is now easy to maintain and a pleasure to be in.  
There are many reasons why I think our experience with Audrey has been so successful, but I will highlight a couple:  1) Audrey comes to each session ready to work and we seriously got more done in four hours than I ever imagined was possible, and 2) we were very open with her and were not afraid to let her see just how disorganized any areas of our life were!  I love that she is so non-judgmental and so focused on the outcome.
I also want to describe the session that has had the best impact on our family.  Audrey pointed out that my husband didn’t have a space of his own in our home, and we have since changed a guest bedroom around to function as both a guest room and his office.  This has been a huge, positive change.  We now have a system for incoming mail, bill paying, and a filing system for our important paperwork in the new office space.  We spent practically nothing on this – a trip to Staples and some repurposing of furniture we already had.  We work as a team now, and both of us know where everything is!  Such a simple solution but one we had not come up with on our own?!  I told Audrey she should have charged us extra for marriage counseling! 
Audrey is a pleasure to work with and truly cares about making life better and less stressful for her clients. 
Jen Bartley -Royersford, PA
June 22, 2016
"I am glad to have found A Better Space at a time when I needed help the most. My husband passed away unexpectedly so I had to sell our home and move into a much smaller place that I could afford, but even though I had given away or sold loads of stuff, the new place was still overwhelmed by too much stuff.  I was more than overwhelmed by it all, physically and mentally.  
Audrey came in and, taking a box at a time, we went through everything, piece by piece.  Audrey helped me decide what to keep and made sure everything found a place in my new home.  She also helped me to let go of things and four full carloads of "stuff" went off to charity.
Thank you goes to Audrey for helping to make my new house into a home."
Denise Brennan - Bensalem, PA
October 18, 2017 
I was very pleased with A BETTER SPACE from the time of the initial consultation to the length of the sessions, the accomplishments at each session, product recommendations and overall experience.  I was provided with a clear idea of how the process would work and felt comfortable with the ideas and suggestions made by Audrey at the time of the consultation. She always made sure my questions were answered and continued to receive good ideas for organizing my home. The product recommendations made were minimal but added great value to the project. Audrey selected products that met my expectations and I was glad to be able to utilize her shopping service and found it not only helpful, but efficient. Donation assistance was extremely helpful, as well. (She even got rid of all of the trash!)
Because Audrey listened to what I wanted to achieve, she was able to meet my needs and expectations. Not only that, the systems put into place have remained easy for me to maintain. As a senior citizen, this was vital.

Audrey helped me downsize my condo following the recent passing of my husband and prepare me for when that time comes for me to relocate elsewhere. In the meantime, now have a home I can maintain and enjoy.  
Overall, I was pleased with the process and the outcome. I would recommend Audrey Cupo and A BETTER SPACE to anyone who is in need of this type of service. It was a great investment. 
Marlene S.
Warrington, PA
December 13, 2017
Audrey, what a pleasure it's been to work with you on building your business. Your professionalism with your work has always impressed me. I'm grateful I've been able to play a part in your success. Wishing you many more years in business! 
Tammy Burke, The Joyful CEO
March 9, 2018
Dear Audrey - 
I would like to thank you for all your help when I was in distress with the packing up of my old home. You came to my aid and took over to take all the stress off of me. Packing a home for a move can be a total nightmare but with you by my side it turned into a pleasant experience with your kindness and understanding of what needs to be accomplished during the move to make the unpacking at the new home so much easier. All my boxes were marked with all the contents plus all the fragile things were wrapped with the utmost care. Thank you so much for your professional wisdom about how to organize and handle every aspect of boxing up my home.
Also I want to tell you how much I appreciate you coming to my new home and setting up my closet to in such a way that it helps me stay organized everyday. I learned so much from your tips you gave me for every room in my home that it makes my home look very neat on a day to day basis. My closet looks beautiful, its so much easier to put the clothes away. You are wonderful at your job, Thank you so very much, again I can not thank you enough.
Fran Moore Lloyd - Doylestown, PA
April 26, 2018
What I am realizing by working with you is you are not just organizing - you are teaching me how to manage my possessions. It's something I haven't experienced before. I cannot express how grateful I am for you really explaining why we do certain projects. I realize that it was such a waste to have items I like so much and never use. Thank you for teaching me your method and the reasons why doing the tedious tasks are so important. Once done, I will not have to keep doing things time and again. I will have it set and it will stay.  My son walked into my closet today and said "Wow, Mommy. This looks so clean"! I am so glad to be working with you!
Laura J. - Lambertville, NJ
October 20, 2018
Right from the start, with the initial consultation, I was provided with a general but clear idea of how the organizing process would work and I was very satisfied and comfortable with the ideas and suggestions provided to me. Audrey was able to answer all of my questions plus offer additional information on top of that. Audrey offered ideas I would not have even thought of! I liked the product recommendaiton that were made in order to complete the project and felt that the products purchased met my expectations. I felt that I was listened to as as a result, the space we were working on met my specific needs and expectations. I found that Audrey's methods of organization that were implemented are much easier to maintain than I thought they would be. Overall, I was pleased with the process and outcome of my project and would definitely recommend A BETTER SPACE to someone else who might want or need this type of service. Audrey is great to work with. Be prepared to get things done. 
Audrey helped me at a time when I had stagnated after a move to PA from out of state. Even thoughI consider myself organized, I had come to a standstill in my unfinished basement and was at a loss as tohow to proceed. Audrey helped to dispose of unwanted items, recomended the right kind of shelving for our basement, made plans to get it set up and labeled and organized the storage bins to put on them. She also helped set up a filing system for my messy paperwork in my home office. Audrey has many resources and skills and helped me accomplish something I never thought would get done. I would highly recommend her. 
Maria L. - Doylestown, PA
November 1, 2018
Thank you so much!  I really appreciate you and your great work.  It was very helpful!!
Liz D. - Hatfield, PA
(I had the privilege of decluttering and organizing the entire home from top to bottom.) 
February 11, 2019
Thank you! I have peace of mind now.  I don’t have that old dread when I leave the house that I will have to come home to the clutter. All that weight is gone. Now my home is a place of relaxation and order. When I come home I get to rejuvenate. There’s a sense of calm.
Barbara S. - Warrington, PA
I wanted to let you know that [my 6 year old son] was yelling at his friend for making a mess in the basement the other day!Ã????Ã???Ã??Ã?°??? He really likes his things organized now!
Erica S. - Holland, PA
March 15, 2019
Audrey -
Thanks so much for joining us for today's Lunch & Learn [and presenting Digital Decluttering].
I heard people talking about it and sharing the information in the ladies room. To me, that is always a good sign.

I do hope you can use this topic moving forward, as I am sure there many other organizations that could benefit.

Thanks again.
Pat Kilgannon - Coordinator/Human Resources Training and Development
April 17, 2019 
Your advice and coaching is certainly inspiring me to do better.  Although things don't always go as scheduled, I haven't let it discourage me.  For instance, after you left, the mail arrived.  Due to multiple phone calls and meals, I didn't have energy to start anything new.  Mail never got opened until the next day.  However, I did do "one" thing from the "to do" box before going to bed that night, and that was to reconcile my bank statement.
The next day was my day to review my entire "To do" box and pay bills. I got 9 items completed from my list (which I had expanded since you left).  I will work on some more items today (or at least one/day).
Meanwhile, John bought the needed grab bar and the Handyman is busily working as we speak.  I am feeling better already.
Thanks again for the ideas and incentive. 
Maureen B. - Warrington
 October 12, 2019 -
Just wanted you to know that thanks to your help with tabulating medical expenses for the VA on my mom's care, I was able to add Invoice #'s along with the dates and amounts you had already created. This allowed me to print the invoices and print the payment records. Although I had to go back thru my computer and pull all the messages to do the printing, it was completed on Thursday (with copies made of all documents) and mailed that day. I wish to thank you for the assistance you gave me that helped me to follow a process to get this done! Hopefully, it will result in some reimbursement for these expenses. One more project completed, thanks to your help. Looking forward to doing more productive work with you." - Maureen B. - Warrington, PA
December 18, 2019 -
"I contacted Audrey for professional organizing assistance for 3 bedroom closets. I ended up organizing not only the three closets but converting a hallway closet to a linen closet, organizing kitchen cabinets, laundry room and an entire unfinished basement!
Audrey was easy to work with! She was ALWAYS punctual and professional. Her organizing strategies were easy to implement and product recommendations were practical and affordable!
Organizing the closets had been on my "to do" list for years! With Audrey, there was a clear plan including a start and a finish! I was able to see projects we started completed within two sessions.
Like most people, I learned I had more stuff than space. Audrey challenged me to make some choices with my stuff so I could achieve my goal of having spaces that were less cluttered and more organized. I am happy with all of the changes we made.
I will call Audrey again for any of my organizing or space design needs.
Thank you, Audrey! I truly feel like my home is A Better Space! "
Monique Y. - Philadelphia, PA

December 19, 2019 -

A Better Space has been selected for the 2019 Best of Jamison Awards in the category of Professional Organizers.

Each year, in and around the Jamison area, the Jamison Award Program chooses only the best local businesses. We focus on companies that have demonstrated their ability to use various marketing methods to grow their business in spite of difficult economic times. The companies chosen exemplify the best of small business; often leading through customer service and community involvement.

For most companies, this recognition is a result of your dedication and efforts as well as the work of others in your organization that have helped build your business. Your team is now a part of an exclusive group of small businesses that have achieved this selection. 



August 26, 2020 -

A BETTER SPACE did a complete revamp of my bedroom. Before, it was a room of things piled up, overstuffed drawers, closet and shoes in a bin. The end result was amazing! I no longer feel stressed and overwhelmed walking into my room. I knew what I needed to do, but just couldn't accomplish it on my own.  Thanks to A BETTER SPACE, it's great! I am motivated to maintain all of the work put into it.

Nicole B - Chalfont, PA


December 7, 2022 -

I cannot begin to thank you enough for helping me through this very difficult and emotional process. Thanks for listening to me and being a shoulder to cry on. I truly appreciate your kindness, patience (especially this!), sensitivity, guidance, encouragement, positivity and perseverance on this journey with me. You are so inspiring and motivating! I’m so glad that I found you and that we work so well together!

Dana R. - Holland, PA


March 22, 2023 -

"My house was such a mess! It was overwhelming just thinking about trying to organize it. Audrey helped me get through the chaos and create a space that I actually like! I'm not afraid to let people come into my house now!"

Stephanie H. - Chalfont, PA 


June 7, 2023

"I was very satisfied with the initial consultation, length of sessions, session accomplishments, product recommendations and the overall experience. I felt comfortable with the ideas and suggestions provided at the consultation. I was provided with the opportunity to ask questions and the answers received met my satisfaction. I felt I received good ideas for organizing my sewing room. Although the area was unfamiliar, Audrey was understanding of my needs and we worked well together. The process required compromises on both ends and we accomplished an organized and workable space. I get many compliments on my professional looking sewing room. I find the methods implemented easy to maintain. The scheduled session-by-session approach that we agreed upon worked well for me. Initially I was overwhelmed with all of the unpacking and organization that was needed to be done from my move from another home. A Better Space (Audrey) did all the heavy lifting and worked with me to get it done. I would definiately recommend A BETTER SPACE to anyone else who might want or need this type of service."

Irene P. - Bensalem, PA  

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