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1. How long does it take to find your keys?

___ I know where they are all the time - they go in the same place every day.

___ I thrown them down somewhere as I come in the door - they get lost easily.

___ Sometimes I spend so much time looking for my keys, I am late for appointments.


2. How do you feel when you have visitors?

___ Pretty good. I’m happy to have guests in any part of my home.

___ I have one or more rooms I don’t let visitors go into.

___ I visit other people in their homes rather than let them see mine.


3. How do you handle paying your bills?

___ I have a set spot for bills and I pay them on a scheduled basis.

___ My bills are scattered all over the place. It takes time to get ready to pay them.

___ I don’t have a set schedule for paying my bills. Sometimes they are late.


4. When do you file your tax return?

___ I always have my taxes done in February or March.

___ I procrastinate and end up getting them done just before the June extension expires.

___ I am still working on my returns from 2 years ago!


5. What do your bedroom closets look like?

___ Clothes are hung properly, shoes are in pairs, accessories are neatly stored on the shelf. If I haven’t worn it in a year, I get rid of it.

___ I have a lot of clothes that don’t fit or are out of style. I have trouble putting together an outfit to wear, my shoes are in a big pile on the closet floor.

___ I never use the closet. I try not to open it; I might cause an avalanche. My clothes are in piles around the bedroom.


6. How do you feel at the end of the day?

___ I get up early in order to make time to do something I enjoy and plan my day. I feel satisfied at the end of the day that I got everything done that I hoped to accomplish.

___ Time gets away from me. I am not as productive as I want to be and hope I can catch up the next day.

___ I totally collapse at the end of my day, go right to bed and start all over again the next day. I feel that my day was wasted and just want to feel in control of my life again.


7. Are you able to keep up with reading the newspaper and magazines in your home?

___ The daily newspaper comes and gets read by the end of the day. My magazines are read and recycled before the next month’s issues comes through the door.

___ It takes me an entire week to get through the pile of newspapers but are finished in a reasonable period of time. My magazines get backlogged and I have to make time to sit down and go through them.

___ I still have newspapers from weeks or months ago which I never got to read. I have so many magazines I never get to. They are just piling up.


8. When cooking and serving food in the kitchen, are you able to find what you need easily?

___ I can easily put my hands on my cooking utensils and ingredients when preparing and serving a meal. My refrigerator contains fresh food.

___ I have to rummage through my cabinets to find what I am looking for. Some of the food in the fridge is old.

___ I purchase multiples of the same item because I don’t know what I have. The food in my fridge is usually unidentifiable.


9. Do you have enough room in your garage to park your car?

___ I can easily fit my car in the garage and the other items in the garage are neatly stored.

___ I can squeeze my car in the garage but it is surrounded by the kids toys, lawn care items and tools.

___ I didn’t know you were supposed to fit a car in the garage. I can’t even fit myself in the garage. It’s just a place to store my junk.


10. How do you feel when in your house?

___ Happy to be home and comfortable with my surroundings.

___ Overwhelmed as soon as I enter. Everything is everywhere.

___ I just want to move somewhere else.


If you (honestly) answered any of the questions by marking the second or third choice, then you should consider the services of a professional organizer. With A BETTER SPACE you will regain control of your home, your time and your life!

Simply contact Audrey at A BETTER SPACE.  Call (215)491-5193 or send an email to  She will be more than happy to show you how!

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