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A BETTER SPACE - Professional Organizing, Bucks County, PA
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 Residential Organizing Services 
Audrey Cupo of A BETTER SPACE provides a full range of residential organizing services for every room in your home, from basements to attics and everything in between: needs analysis, household organization, space planning, storage solutions, shopping service, donation assistance, paper management systems, time management systems, interior redesign and home staging.
 Initial Consultation/Needs Analysis 
I personally meet with each and every client prior to beginning any organizing project.  This is the Initial Consultation.  At this appointment, usually lasting approximately one hour, I perform a complete Needs Analysis.  I not only view the problematic areas of your home, whether it’s one room, or your entire home, but spend time speaking with you and listening closely to what you would like to achieve in the space.  The Needs Analysis also assists me in determining organizational techniques to match your style which I will incorporate into the final plan, which includes space planning and suggestions for product to maximize the potential of that space.
 Household Organization 
Household organization involves several stages.  First,  I work with you one-on-one to systematically eliminate the clutter.  I then work hands-on with you to organize the space with the remaining items in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way to meet your specific needs.  I will incorporate the organizational techniques that will work best based upon your style of living.  I will also incorporate my space planning ideas and product that I feel will work best in the space.  

During this entire process, you will learn how to determine on your own what to keep and what to toss; what to donate and what to sell.  You will learn how to look at your home in a different way to provide you with the best potential for function and design.

You  will  no longer  be forced to buy duplicates of  items you already own because you will be organized.  You will be paying your bills on time and avoid those late fees because you will have an organized system in place to do so. You will spend less time looking for things in your home and better manage the time you do have, thereby reducing your stress level.    
 Space Planning 
Space planning is the art of incorporating efficiency and design in the layout of a room to maximize its potential. Whether its placement of furniture or product to create easy access and function, good space planning is vital to creating A Better Space.   I am able to provide you with new ideas you might not have thought of before.  These ideas can  completely  transform the look and feel of a room.  I am also able to  assist you with measuring out the room and selecting new furnishings to make sure they will fit into the desired space.
 Storage Solutions 
I make it a point to stay on top of new trends and products in the marketplace so that I can bring you the most up-to-date ideas for storage solutions for your home.   Whether it’s something simple as a plastic container or more involved like a complete closet organizing system, I am able to provide you with suggestions for any room in your home.   Sometimes, all it takes is using something you already have in the home to achieve the goal you are looking for.  Otherwise, I will help you to locate the perfect product solution for your particular situation. 
 Shopping Service 
Besides locating products to meet your needs, I provide an optional shopping service for your convenience.  I will purchase the product for you to save you time in your busy schedule.
 Donation Assistance 
A Better Space can arrange to have certain donations picked up from your home or dropped off at a designated location for you.  I can suggest various options for donating those items you no longer need or want.  When making donations on your behalf, I will provide you with an itemized listing of the donated items along with a receipt from the donation site which you can use to declare on your Federal Income Tax Return for that year.
 Paper Management Systems 
Paper management systems are vital to home organization.  Whether it’s managing the daily influx of mail, paying bills on time, creating a household information center or a creating an organized residential home office, I will create a system just for you.  I have many years of experience creating many types of filing systems, whether simple or more complex, depending upon your needs.  I will show you systems for active and archival paperwork, organized for instant retrieval, and paper flow systems so you know how to manage every piece of paper that crosses your path.  Eliminate those piles of paper...permanently.  A Better Space is committed to keeping your personal information 100% confidential.
 Time Management 
Your time is important and should not be wasted.  I will teach you the skills you need to be able to set priorities and achieve your goals.  You will find that you will maximize your productivity and get more done on a daily basis.  As a result, you will be able to find more time to do the things you want to do and have a greater sense of accomplishment.   

I will teach you how to avoid procrastination by planning out larger projects so they can be completed in a timely manner as well as delegation techniques to free up more of your own time.
 Interior Redesign 
Interior redesign is the use of your existing furnishings and accessories to create a whole new look for your room, without having to incur the cost of buying new items.    I will work with you to change the look of any room in your home by using what you already own.

If you would like to create something brand new, I can help you select new furnishings and accessories and assist you with selecting paint colors, flooring options, window treatments, etc.
 Home Staging 
Home staging is used just prior to putting a home up for sale so that you can obtain top dollar in the least amount of time by maximizing the cosmetic and emotional appeal of your home to the broadest range of buyers. 

A staged home is intentionally arranged differently than it would be for everyday living.  It is used as a tool to market your home with the intent of increasing the value of your home and distinguishing it from comparable properties. 

The moment your home goes up for sale, it should no longer be viewed as a  home filled with your precious memories.  The object of home staging is to become detached and objective about how your home appears to buyers.  Buyers do not want to see how you live in the house but rather want to envision how they would live there.  Your personal effects can prevent them from forming that picture.  You want your home to quickly capture the buyers’ hearts and imaginations.

The process begins by performing a thorough inspection of your home, inside and out.   By looking at the home through the buyers’ eyes, I can point out major and minor cosmetic drawbacks that I feel buyers will notice. I will then prepare a comprehensive report based upon my findings and follow up with you to make recommendations to include things like decluttering, neutralizing and making repairs.  These recommendations are discussed with you to determine whether you, the seller, wish to make some or all of the changes recommended.  Sometimes it may only involve different placement of your furnishings.  If you wish, I can then assist you in achieving those recommended goals.

Remember, improvements to create a better first impression are one of the smartest ways to sell a house faster and for a better price. 

After you sell your home, remember to contact A Better Space to assist you with your move - before, during and after.  I can show you how to determine what to keep and what to get rid of, how to pack up your belongings, how to organize the move itself to save money and time and assist in setting up and decorating your new home.
Gift Certificates are available upon request.  Please contact A BETTER SPACE for more information.
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