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Thursday, March 04 2010

Do you find it difficult to get organized? It often is more difficult when it comes to the limitations of a small space.

The good news is that just because your space is challenging, it's still possible to be organized. Keep in mind, however, that you are smart and efficient and use every inch of available space. Many of these ideas can be utilized in any space:

1. The 'ONE IN--ONE OUT' rule.

This is one of the golden rules of organization. It helps to set limits, which is often difficult for people to follow. It works very well, however, with items such as shoes, clothing, toys and books, among others. In small spaces especially, the number of items you keep is generally pre-determined by the amount of space you have. For any new item brought into the space, one item needs to be removed. This creates the balance required for a small space.

2. Find solutions that are both functional and attractive.

When it comes to your living room, for example, you need a solution for extra blankets and board games. Consider using a storage ottoman that looks nice and also serves as a great storage solution. Consider using hidden storage such as drawers or baskets in your coffee table or end tables. Closed shelving solutions that allow you plenty of storage space but are visually appealing work well too.

3. Be realistic with your space.

A small 10' x 10' room will feel much larger when it is filled with less stuff than if it’s cluttered. Keep in mind that the scale of your furniture will also affect the visual space in a room. The reality is that a 10' x 10' room is only so big. You cannot change the size of a room; just what is contained within it.

4. Purge excessive items often (both to be donated and trash).

Keep small containers or boxes on the floor of your closet which can be used to temporarily store items that need to be donated until you have enough to call a charity for a pickup pr ,ale a delivery. This works especially well with children’s clothing as they seem to grow out of a size in between wash loads. And be realistic! Do you really need 20 nick-knacks for that one shelf in your family room or can you reduce them back to a collection of 10? Why not rotate small collections from time to give your room a whole new look? Be sure to limit and purge your collections often so that they only include your best and favorite items.

5. Set realistic limits:

If you only have room for 15 hangers in your closet, do not buy extra hangers. Instead limit yourself to only those 15 hanging pieces of clothing. The flocked hangers will allow you to hand more items in a small space, but don’t squash your clothes just to make them fit.

6. Find the hidden space potential in your room.

Plastic containers under the bed can store linens, shoes, out of season clothing or extra bedding. Do you have space not being utilized behind a staircase? Hanging shoe holders can be used on the back of doors to organize much more than just shoes. Be creative. Use them for such things as kitchen utensils, spices, or food. They can be used in the office to organize extra supplies or in the bathroom to organize toiletries and hair accessories. Use cork boards and pegs on the back of doors to organize jewelry such as necklaces.

7. Look Up - Make use of wall and ceiling space.

In the kitchen, you might use an overhead pot rack for pots and pans. Use magnetic spice racks that hang on the walls in a craft room. In living and office spaces, use floor to ceiling shelving. In the garage, use a hanging rack for storage of seasonal items to provide extra space on the floor.


If you embrace the pluses of living in a small space and use it to its fullest potential, you will feel like you are living in a much larger space!

Need some more ideas?  Have some of your own?  Contact A BETTER SPACE if you are overwhelmed with the prospect of getting organized, whether it's in a large or small space.  I am glad to help.

Have a great week!

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