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Wednesday, June 11 2008

With Father's Day coming this weekend and Independence Day (a/k/a The Fourth of July) just around the corner, I thought a few tips to organize your grill area might be just the ticket!

This time of year, like you, your food doesn't even want to be inside either!  Set up for barbecue season with a smart outdoor cook station. 

Place your grill on a flat surface that is well ventilated, away from the house, yet protected from winds that might cause flare-ups.  Then, set up the area like a mini kitchen:

Create an insta-island for food prep with a folding table.  Place a grill mat underneath the grill to protect your deck and have a trash basket close by.  Use hooks and magnetic clips to keep the cooking utensils handy. 

Opt for long handled metal cooking utensils which give you some distance from the open flame and long-armed mitts to better protect you from splatters and burns.  Avoid using plastic utensils and standard oven mitts - just leave them in your kitchen drawer!

Keep an extra spatula and pair of tongs on hand to prevent cross-contamination of raw food and cooked food.  You can designate which you use for uncooked meats by using red tape for "raw meat" around the handle.

Toss your grill-cleaning brush (or replace the head) once the pad or bristles get too worn out to work. 

Keep the grill on high after cooking to let residue from the food burn off and clean the grate more easily.  (Remember to shut it off when you are done!)

Invest in storage on your deck.  Deck boxes, such as a watertight plastic models can stow your supplies outdoors where you need them.  Certain versions can also double as additional seating.  Stash paper towels, aluminum foil, platters, cutting boards, skewers, grilling utensils, a meat thermometer, a timer, mitts, etc.

Also, save yourself a few trips to and from the kitchen by using a carry-all caddy that has compartments for condiments, napkins, plates and eating utensils.  Imagine actually being able to eat along with your guests instead of spending that time running back and forth to the kitchen!

Create an outdoor living space where you will want to spend time relaxing and entertaining outdoors this summer.  Most importantly, be safe!

With these tips, I know you will create "A Better Space" for your grill area.  Enjoy!

For more information and assistance on any organizing issue you may have, feel free to contact me.  I will be more than happy to help you reach your organizing goals.

Happy Father's Day!  Have a great week!


Posted by: Audrey Cupo AT 09:58 pm   |  Permalink   |  2 Comments  |  Email
Those deck storage units are great for holding furniture cushions to protect them from the rain.
Posted by Janet Barclay on 04/27/2016 - 03:01 PM
That's exactly what I use it for! Very convenient.
Posted by Audrey on 04/27/2016 - 04:08 PM

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